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We have created this unique and completely free service, we recognise that families sometimes struggle with choices for funeral arrangements. register my wishes

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Disbursement fees to be charged as follows:

Hearse [Hearse Photos]
(allowance 2 hours & 20 miles)
(allowance 2.5 hours & 25 miles)
Removal of deceased in normal office hours (0900 - 1700)
(2.5 hours & 25 miles)
Embalming P.O.A


Other Services

Basic Funeral | Simple Funeral | Inclusive Funerals

Not included in the listed price of funerals

Floral Hearse (allowance 2 hours & 20 miles)   P.O.A
Horse-drawn hearse (pair)
[Horse Drawn Funeral Photos]
Extra limousine (2.5 hours & 25 miles) [Limousine Photos]   P.O.A
Additional time on hearses and limousines and removal vehicles   P.O.A
Additional miles on hearses, limousines and removal vehicles   P.O.A
Embalming   P.O.A
Additional funeral services Saturday P.O.A
Sunday P.O.A
Removal of deceased out of working hours
Mon -Fri (1700 - 0900) P.O.A
Saturday P.O.A
Sunday P.O.A
Viewing in our Chapel of Rest out of office hours (per hour)
Mon -Fri (1700 - 0900) P.O.A
Saturday P.O.A
Sunday P.O.A
Conveying Deceased home/church
Mon -Fri - Office hours (0900 - 1700) P.O.A
Mon -Fri (1700 - 0900) P.O.A
Saturday P.O.A
Sunday P.O.A


Service sheets Set up fee P.O.A
Per 50 P.O.A
Photograph add P.O.A
Temporary grave marker Single P.O.A
Double P.O.A
(will be deducted from masonry order within 6 months of funeral)
Cremated remains caskets Prices from P.O.A
(large & comprehensive range available)


White Doves Each P.O.A
[Photos of White Doves] Pair P.O.A
Thereafter - Each Dove P.O.A
Piper (Scottish or Irish), harpist, Jazz band, Bugler, Standard Bearer, Balloons etc.
[Piper Photos]


We also offer comprehensive range of American Caskets and Customized Coffins.

Please ask for details or Click Here for images.

Please note that some of the services may be included in the price of the funerals listed.

Prices may be subject to change without notice.


Funeral Vehicles